Scott Elrod

Actor/Business Owner, AutoConcierge

Los Angeles, CA

As an actor, entrepreneur and business owner, Scott Elrod plays many different roles both on and off the screen. Growing up in a military family, he longed to be an F-16 pilot, but soon discovered a passion for acting and business. Inspired by the idea of combining a members-only vehicle-storage center and a private club, Scott launched AutoConcierge to provide a select audience of exotic car owners with the ultimate hideaway for their most prized automobiles. Now juggling two successful careers, Scott values a banking relationship that feels more like an exclusive membership. He looks to Banc of California and his Relationship Manager to provide him with access and the level of service his own clients expect.


Business owners are the driving force behind our communities. They provide vital products and services as well as jobs. Today, many business owners and entrepreneurs believe part of their mission is to give back to the communities they serve. When a bank looks at its business owner clients as partners in building communities instead of product consumers, businesses grow, communities are enriched, and dreams become reality. That benefits everyone from the entrepreneur to the employees to the customers to those touched by social outreach.