Rick and Benita Telles

Producer/Writer/Director, Brass Ring Entertainment

Los Angeles, CA

Rick Telles is an Emmy Award nominated television director and executive producer with a string of hit TV shows to his credit including MTV's Road Rules and The Surreal Life. After 25 years in the television business both in front of and behind the camera, he values relationships as the key to getting things done. He needs a bank that will work with him, not just his balance sheet, to keep the cameras rolling. When networks are late with their payments, he knows Banc of California has his back. That allows him to spend time thinking about his next great idea, not worrying about making his current one a reality.


The entrepreneur is the lifeblood of capitalism. They have a vision for what's possible and take the risks to make it happen. Entrepreneurs have special needs and Banc of California understands them. Our decision-makers are entrepreneurs themselves, so we view a company's founder as an asset as much as anything on its balance sheet. Our simple, flexible offerings give entrepreneurs the freedom to focus on growing their business instead of sweating over their banking.