Jill Albert

Founder and CEO, Direct Results Radio

Venice, CA

Jill Albert is Founder and CEO of Direct Results Radio, a leading performance-based radio and marketing company. She is a proven leader and innovator in the world of radio marketing, having twice been recognized as one of the "Top Women in Sales and Marketing" by American Women in Radio and Television. Jill is passionate about her business; Helping clients increase sales by using targeted radio and messaging that drives immediate response. She counts on her Banc of California Relationship Manager to ask the right questions and provide one-on-one attention.

When she's not working with clients, Jill mentors students in low-income communities helping them to put their dreams on paper and map out their road to success. "The goal isn't to just become stronger at work. The idea is to become stronger and more confident in everything that you do, and seeing young adults embrace this and other important life concepts is a tremendous high for me.”


The entrepreneur is the lifeblood of capitalism. They have a vision for what's possible and take the risks to make it happen. Entrepreneurs have special needs and Banc of California understands them. Our decision-makers are entrepreneurs themselves, so we view a company's founder as an asset as much as anything on its balance sheet. Our simple, flexible offerings give entrepreneurs the freedom to focus on growing their business instead of sweating over their banking.