Alex Goodson

Owner, Goodson Real Estate

Los Angeles, CA

As the owner of a growing construction and development company, Alex Goodson focuses his time on deciding when to buy, build and flip properties for resale. After graduating from the University of Southern California, he purchased his first investment property and went on to advance his trade in mid-size, high return projects. Purchasing and selling at a rate of approximately thirty properties per year is no easy task, yet his business keeps growing. Alex attributes his success to his team of hard workers at both his company and his bank. He relies on Banc of California and his Relationship Manager because they help him get the right financing in place to grow his business no matter how complex the transaction.


The entrepreneur is the lifeblood of capitalism. They have a vision for what's possible and take the risks to make it happen. Entrepreneurs have special needs and Banc of California understands them. Our decision-makers are entrepreneurs themselves, so we view a company's founder as an asset as much as anything on its balance sheet. Our simple, flexible offerings give entrepreneurs the freedom to focus on growing their business instead of sweating over their banking.