Giovanni Giammarco and Rianna Loving

President and Founder, National Realty Group

Pacific Palisades, CA

Giovanni Giammarco and Rianna Loving are the classic California power couple. He is the President and Founder of National Realty Group Inc. with over 25 years of success in commercial real estate management and syndication with diverse businesses including boutique hotels, restaurants, bars and even luxury destinations such as Cabo La Estancia. She is a successful actress and creator of conscious beauty brands including ORGO and Beauty Cirque. Their businesses and family have diverse needs. They value the flexibility and streamlined process of dealing with a single private banker who understands their goals. Whether they are opening a new store, acquiring a new property or planning for their family’s future, Banc of California supports them in building their dream.


The entrepreneur is the lifeblood of capitalism. They have a vision for what's possible and take the risks to make it happen. Entrepreneurs have special needs and Banc of California understands them. Our decision-makers are entrepreneurs themselves, so we view a company's founder as an asset as much as anything on its balance sheet. Our simple, flexible offerings give entrepreneurs the freedom to focus on growing their business instead of sweating over their banking.