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Empowering Businesses by Building Stronger Relationships

Cheryl Calhoun, managing director of CBIZ MHM, has a relationship with Banc of California that goes back 30 years. Like Banc of California, CBIZ MHM is a large institution that preserves a boutique feel. When Cheryl introduces her clients to the power of banking with
Banc of California, she gains a partner who has her clients’ needs in mind. Banc of California provides all of the services needed to make sure Cheryl’s clients can do what they do best.

In addition to her private company practice, Cheryl also specializes in assisting not-for-profit organizations and charitable foundations. She sits on the inaugural board of CBIZ MHM Women's Advantage and supports the Banc of California Banc on Women initiative. “It’s important to give back to the community,” she says. “It makes me proud to have a relationship with my bank.”

“I do business with the people I know and like. The people I know and like are at
Banc of California.”

- Cheryl Calhoun


CBIZ MHM is a CPA firm specializing in the middle market that is currently one of the largest in the country. Cheryl’s business management services include tax planning and business consulting, making her a partner and trusted business advisor to the business owners and entertainment industry executives she works with. Her relationship with Banc of California has been integral to building those strong bonds.

Their experience and expertise in all facets of the entertainment industry, with an emphasis in film and television, allows CBIZ MHM to represent entertainment industry talent, production, entertainment service, media service, publishing and executives in varied tax and business matters.

Relationship Manager