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Empowering California’s Professionals and Entrepreneurs

David L. Oberg is a business attorney and President of the Law Offices of David Lawrence Oberg in Calabasas, California. After practicing law for a number of years at a large national law firm, he started his own practice providing legal and business services to entrepreneurs like himself. His approach is aimed at delivering cost-efficient and superior service. 

David expects a high level of customized service from his business partnerships, “I understand the unique needs of my clients and I think that’s very similar to what the bank does for me and for my clients,” he adds. “Banc of California provides personalized service that helps drive my success. I have the tools and support I need to grow my business.”

“The wonderful thing about Banc of California is that they are such a strong partner. They understand and get behind the client as opposed to flipping it the other way and making the client conform to the bank's needs.”

- David L. Oberg

About Law Offices of David Lawrence Oberg, APC

The Law Offices of David Lawrence Oberg, APC specializes in two main areas, business transaction matters, and insolvency.  As a business attorney, David has provided services to entrepreneurs for over twenty five years. The small size of his firm allows David the opportunity to understand the unique needs of his clients. David attributes his success to the strong relationships that he has built throughout his career, and that “there are no gatekeepers in my business.” David explains, “I answer my own phone, so when a client calls, they reach me.” David also served as a Reserve Captain for the Culver City Police Department for more than thirty years and, like Banc of California, he believes in serving the community.

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