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Enhancing the Quality of Life in California Communities Through Homeownership

Letty Plascencia is AVP, Counseling Manager with NeighborWorks Orange County, a nonprofit homeownership center. She coaches families to make financial decisions that will help them achieve the American Dream of homeownership. Banc of California helps NeighborWorks Orange County make a bigger impact in their community by sponsoring programs, which offer financial education classes. The bank also sponsors their green initiative, helping make sustainable homes to live in.

Some programs prepare people for homeownership through assistance with down payment options. Other programs help families who are not ready to purchase a home yet take positive financial steps toward achieving their dream. “Everything we do impacts the community. I’ve helped three generations achieve homeownership. I love to see their faces after they’ve accomplished the American Dream. They trust in our guidance and coaching,” said Letty Plascencia.

“We’re engaged with Banc of California and share in their passion for homeownership. Without their support, some of these programs wouldn’t be out there in the community. ”

- Letty Plascencia

About NeighborWorks Orange County

NeighborWorks Orange County strengthens communities and enhances the quality of life of residents by promoting housing opportunities, financial responsibility and civic engagement. They strive to be the recognized leader, nonprofit partner and facilitator of collaborative efforts in Orange County, finding and implementing innovative housing solutions that are accessible to families.

We celebrate and encourage diverse contributions of resident leaders, business and government partners, developers and funders to ensure that Orange County is a place where families with a wide range of incomes can live in quality housing and healthy, safe neighborhoods.

Our social entrepreneurship model allows residents to reinvest in their community through our homeownership services, creating a sustainable cycle that enables widespread success and improved quality of life.

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