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About Carlos Payan

Carlos manages some of the larger relationships within the Commercial Banking group. He has worked with clients like Frank and Patricia Aparicio for almost ten years. Carlos has grown to understand their business in order to guide them so that they can continue to grow.

Patricia Aparicio

Featured Client

Patricia Aparicio
Gigi's Bakery and Café and
La Mascota Bakery and Café

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“Great service means being able to provide the right solutions for the client. Not every product fits everyone. You have to understand their business before you make recommendations. It’s about really supporting and understanding the client to be able to provide them with what they need for growth and opportunity.”

- Carlos Payan

Questions & Answers

What is a Relationship Manager?

A Relationship Manager builds strong partnerships and takes pride in their client. They develop a deep understanding of a client’s business, provide support and apply banking and lending expertise to empower and grow each client’s business. Our success is measured by the success of our clients.

How has the bank helped Frank and Patricia from Gigi's Bakery and Café and La Mascota Bakery and Café grow their business and reach their goals?
“Banc of California has helped them grow by working together to find solutions to their financing needs. We’ve accomplished this by thinking outside the box. Our experience has helped them find the right products and partner with other lending teams within Banc of California to execute on additional financing plans,” said Carlos.

Why did Gigi's Bakery and Café and La Mascota Bakery and Café choose Banc of California over competitors? 
"I believe Patricia and Frank continued to bank with us at Banc of California based on the long-term relationships they had with us. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that entrepreneurs and business owners like Frank and Patricia strive for,” said Carlos.