Martice Mills
Director, Business Development
Clearinghouse CDFI

Raised in South Central Los Angeles, Martice Mills spent his childhood moving from home to home, adjusting to new schools. He overcame hardships and stayed out of trouble by setting goals for himself and tapping local resources within his church and the community to learn about finance. After starting his own business to earn his way through college–the first in his family to attend a four-year university–he embarked on a successful career in private banking for Wells Fargo. But something was missing.

Joining Clearinghouse CDFI, a mission-based lending institution, Martice now works in underserved communities looking for the "hidden jewel" – a small business, church, school or real estate property that most banks can’t underwrite. With Clearinghouse CDFI’s support, these institutions can have significant impact in the community and be profitable for the company.

Banc of California recently made the single largest investment in Clearinghouse CDFI ever received, allowing Martice and Clearinghouse CDFI to continue its mission of "lending with impact" in communities that don’t always benefit from traditional banking.

Martice is photographed at Spirit Children’s Services, a high-quality learning facility for children with developmental disabilities in low-income areas. It represents his belief – to be great at economic development in communities, you cannot rely on quantitative analysis alone.

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