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Setting the ‘Gold Standard’ for Corporate Community Development Activities 

Banc of California is committed to empowering California through its diverse businesses, entrepreneurs and communities. As the largest independent bank in California with an Outstanding CRA Rating for Community Development, Banc of California has been recognized by community groups, such as the California Reinvestment Coalition, as the ‘Gold Standard’ for community activities.

Where You Bank Matters 

Banc of California is one of America's fastest growing banks and is one of the few banks focused exclusively on and invested in the future of California. For each dollar of deposits we hold, Banc of California lends a dollar to Californians. This helps to fund the engines of growth of California’s economy and communities.

Banc of California will continue to grow its investment in high-impact regional projects and partnerships with key non-profit and community organizations that impact future generations of Californians; and provide access to capital to small businesses and key community development financial institutions such as Clearinghouse CDFI. Our partnerships help provide economic growth, financial literacy education, affordable housing, and expanded access to capital.

These include strong partnerships with more than 50 community organizations such as The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, USC Trojans Kids Corner, LA 2024, Los Angeles Conservation Corps, JVS Los Angeles, National Asian American Coalition, and Los Angeles Team Mentoring.

Through our partnerships with local universities, Banc of California has donated almost 100,000 sporting event tickets to at-risk youth who complete financial literacy education. Notably, Banc of California broke the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Financial Literacy Education Event, with 5,964 students from at-risk communities in attendance!

Expanding Our Banking Footprint

In 2014, Banc of California acquired the California branch network of Popular Community Bank to expand its footprint into the South Los Angeles and North Orange County markets. Banc of California is committed to serving California’s diverse communities to enable economic growth throughout the state and expanding access to the California Dream. “We believe that California’s fast-growing Latino market represents some of our state’s greatest entrepreneurs and business owners and we intend to help them further realize their dreams,” said former Los Angeles Mayor and Senior Advisor to Banc of California Antonio Villaraigosa.

“We are pleased with the recognition of an Outstanding CRA rating and more importantly, we are proud of the difference we are making in the lives of the people we serve through our various community partnerships.”

Steven Sugarman
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Banc of California

“In my 25 years of community development experience, I have never before witnessed an organization with this level of commitment to community development.”

Gary Dunn
Executive Vice President
Community Development

Banc of California

"We are not surprised that Banc of California, which negotiated in good faith with community organizations to set the gold standard in CRA plans, would also receive the highest rating by federal regulators. We hope other banks will follow Banc of California's lead.”

Paulina Gonzalez
Executive Director
California Reinvestment Coalition